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OTAKU KUDGE is a quiz app dedicated to 5 major genres 'Manga', 'Anime','Game', 'SFX' and 'Cosplay'.

Let's liven OTAKU JUDGE up with your knowledge!

OTAKU JUDGE(オタクジャッジ)とは?

‘Are you an Otaku?’

Otaku Judge is a quiz app for fans of Japanese pop culture. It covers a wide range of works in Manga, Anime, Games, SFX, and Cosplay. Otaku Gakuen is a place where fans compete own Otaku knowledge through Otaku quizzes. Now, why don’t you join the Otaku Gakuen to try out your otaku level?

The top-ranking members of the examination are given the right to have a chance to be a judge at WCS World Convention held in Nagoya every August. Let’s try to get a high rank!

*OTAKU JUDGE is co-developed by WCS Inc.,organizer of the largest cosplay event in Japan ‘World Cosplay Summit’, and Aquaring Inc.

OTAKU JUDGE is available to play on iOS and Android all over the world* by Japanese and English.
Official launch: November, 2022


Covered 5 major genres from Manga, Anime, Games, SFX, and Cosplay, more than 600 works

OTAKU JUDGE is recruiting your quiz ideas! When your quiz idea is hired your user name will be on the ranking! Let’s show off your Otaku knowledge!


When your quiz idea is accepted, the quiz appears with your name (or handle)!


You can check the evaluation for your quiz with account linkage as well! *To link the App account, you need to type your ID when you enter the quiz.

The quiz creators may have a chance to be the judge of WCS(World Cosplay Summit)!